Lens Runner

Step into an immersive cyberspace first-person rhythm shooter with Lens Runner.

Made exclusively made for VR, a world where darkness reigns, you wield the power of light to navigate and explore. Harness the rhythm of the universe, focusing beams of energy into a weapon of light to destroy or broaden your spectrum and illuminate.

Music produced specifically for spacial environments through the very core of each maze, explore caves of crystalline onyx or concrete bunkers challenging your reflexes, precision, and rhythm. Every shot, every step, every pulse is intrinsically tied to the game's soundtrack. The synergy of light and sound blurs the line between player and game, making every experience deeply personal.

The deeper you venture, the more intense the challenge. From ethereal blues to blazing reds, the spectrum of your weapon's light adapts and evolves providing both a visual spectacle and a deeply satisfying gameplay progression.

Remember, in the heart of the maze, light is both your weapon and your guide. Your rhythm, your aim, and your wits are the key. Illuminate your path, find your tempo, surf the abyss.

Will you be the ultimate Lens Runner? Stay focused.